The Value of Value

C-Print_Colors, 120 x 50 cm, 2015

The Value of Value 2015.jpg



''The value of value is an Arabic calligraphy computer generated Syrian saying and is a phrase that kept coming into my mind since my last days in Syria.''

Roughly translated as 'If the precious is lost, let there be no regret if the meretricious* has vanished too'

''Imagination is the beautiful window that connects us to the things we cannot reach; do not wait until the valuable things in your life become something that you can only see through that window'' 

* Apparently attractive but having no real value.

The Value of a Cell, Proto5533, 2015


This work looks at the value of value, when we really know, or discover the real value of what we have, or that of which we're living in, compared with what we're gaining and what we're losing. Everything has its own value and energy that we gain a lot of meanings from. When that energy is stolen from us, we lose a glow here and a light there. Knowing the real value of what's around us, helps us understand ourselves, and our place in the world. In the wake of my experience, I knew that change must be the right step to take after something so intense.

''Why don't I change? I asked myself... Change is the learning that helps you to keep up with the new, to move from dependence and tradition, to independence and diligence, it's a response to the human instinct where the whole universe changes.

I always like to watch myself before watching others, wanting to know my faults before knowing theirs, the sky changes it's clouds, the river changes its water, the earth changes its skin, the sun everyday has a different horizon.

When I stop moving and everything keeps changing around me, one day I will wake up alone. Change is the step after discovering the real value of the things around you. The answer was yes I change...because if I say in my forties what I used to say in my twenties, that means I have just lost 20 years of my life for nothing.'' Salman Al-oude