Radio Transmitted Sound Installation, 2016 / 2017 / 2018 - In progress

During the last few years of conflict in Syria, Syrians have tried to express their call to the world, through all sorts of communication methods and actions. Telecommunication devices, Internet, letters, photos, videos, and even live broadcasts, a strategic use of technology. Seeking someone to connect with, or any kind of acknowledgement that they as people, society, culture are of value in this world. But unfortunately everything set towards the outside world seems to lose its recipient. Eight years to go, and no answer.

Human beings, as a species, have been sending messages into outer space for half a century; yet have never received an answer. The most impressive telescopes have been built in order to do this. Such as Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, with 1,000-foot radio telescope. Syrians have been sending their call to the world for the last 8 years, but it feels like nobody is answering. The great silent emptiness of space, that’s like the great silent emptiness of the rest of the world, either not hearing, or not listening to us, as if everything outside of Syria is alien. It was a compelling comparison.

I often find it difficult, or impossible to engage people with the ideas of what it is like to be in a position of hopelessness, living in a warzone, the basic human instinct of survival, the notion of displacement within your own place, and the feelings this brings to the surface.

‘Transmissions’ is a sound based installation, a radio broadcast signals in 16 different languages that act as Syrian calls. Messages that might have a chance of reaching anyone in the outside world. A gesture of finding someone to correspond with, in any potential language.

Even when the journey takes some of us beyond the process of displacement in a physical space into a great voyage in this fascinating world, we are still seen as outsiders. I began thinking about how our voice, as a people, isn’t being heard: we are isolated, not connected.

'Transmissions' is recorded in 16 different languages. The languages were chosen on various geographical bases. They are: Morse, Arabic, English, Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili, Ukrainian, Thai, Indonesian, Romanian.

  Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

  Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico                                                                                                                       The   Roman Theater of   Busra al-Sham , Syria

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico                                                                                                                       The Roman Theater of Busra al-Sham , Syria

  Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico